About Us

Boy Scout Troop 2 (formerly 501) of Los Gatos is the oldest troop in Santa Clara County. Troop 2 was chartered by the National Council of Boy Scouts of America in April 1918. There was a Troop that existed in Santa Clara County as early as 1915 when Troop 1 in Los Gatos was chartered by the National Council. Troop 1 lasted only a few years and lost its charter. When the Santa Clara County Council of Boy Scouts was chartered by the National Council in 1924, Troop 2 came under its jurisdiction.

In 1959 the Council renamed the districts. Los Gatos was in Redwood District, with units in the 500 number series. Troop 2 was assigned the number 501.

The first sponsors of the Troop were a group of individuals; the meeting place was the carriage house on the Lyndon Farwell property.

The Rotary Club of Los Gatos has sponsored the Troop since 1924. Their first building, The Boy Scout Hut, was built by the Rotary Club in 1948. It was located off Wood Road on land leased from Mr. Farwell by the club (address 55 Broadway). In 1968 the property was sold in order to construct a retirement center called the Los Gatos Meadows. The San Jose Water Works gave the Troop permission to relocate the Scout Hut on their property behind the Los Gatos High School where it remains today.

The building was enlarged several times with volunteer Rotarian labor. In 1978 the building was renamed Eagle Lodge.

In 2012, upon the merger of the Santa Clara County Council and the Monterey Bay Area Council, Troop 501 now had the chance to change back to its original name. After some time, Troop 501 officially reverted back to its original number of Troop 2 from 1918.