Name: Cooking 3

Description: Be sure to review the guidelines set by your particular counselor. This session is geared towards the novice-cook who doesn’t know how to get started on the MB. You will not walk out of the midway having earned the Cooking MB. The counselor will meet with you as needed to finish the Cooking MB. Get the Cooking MB Pamphlet. Read the requirements and (at least) chapters 1, 4, 5, 6. Do requirement 2a, 2b and 2c before coming to the midway. Requirement 6d can NOT be done at the Midway. Bring the MB Pamphlet and the Worksheet. You MUST COMPLETE the requirements BEFORE coming to class. Scouts not prepared will not be admitted to class.

Difficulty: Medium

Eagle-required: true

Staffed: true

Time Slot: PM

Size: 8

Registered Count: 9

Instructor name: Mingkuan Liu

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Status: Full

Worksheets url:

Room: Y3