Name: Space Exploration 1

Description: Get permission from your parents: (A) to purchase a rocket model and launch it at Moffett Field in the fall (date TBD), under supervision by the National Rocket Association (LUNA). (B) Use the internet to research work by NASA and ESA (European Space Agency). * Find a “buddy” to earn the Space Exploration merit badge with you, and to meet with the counselor. * Explain the Purpose of Space Exploration. (1) * Explain the Safety Requirements for Model Rocketry. * Explain how Rocket Engines work. (4 b.) * Do two of the Following: (Discuss one historic robotic and one Human Mission, or make a scrap book about a current planetary mission, or design a robotic mission to a another planet that will return samples to Earth. (5) * Describe purpose, operation and components of the Space Shuttle Or other crewed vehicle or the international Space Station. (6) * Become familiar with the federal on-line publication ”Occupational Outlook”. Note: items in ( ) are requirements for the Space Exploration merit badge.

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