Name: Electronics SESSION 2 of 2

Description: This is an all day session, AM and PM. Bring a blue card signed by your scoutmaster. Call your counselor in advance, Mr. Porter (408) 833-9269. Get an Electronics Merit Badge book. Read the book. You will only be signed off for the requirements you demonstrate. Bring $20 for the electronics projects. Do the following requirements before the midway: (HINT: Filling out the worksheet guarantees sign offs) 2. Do the following: a. Draw a simple schematic diagram. It must show resistors, capacitors, and transistors or integrated circuits, Use the correct symbols. Label all parts. (HINT: You may draw one from the merit badge pamphlet) b. Tell the purpose of each part. (HINT: The merit badge pamphlet can help you.) 5. Do the following: a. Show how to solve a simple problem involving current, voltage, and resistance using Ohm's law. b. Tell about the need for and the use of test equipment in electronics. Name three types of test equipment. Tell how they operate. Electronics worksheet can be found here (FILL IT OUT BEFORE MIDWAY!) Be prepared to discuss audio applications, requirement 4c. At the midway you will build an audio circuit from a kit provided.

Difficulty: Medium

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Staffed: true

Time Slot: PM

Size: 6

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Instructor name: Bruce Porter

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Instructor phone: 408-833-9269

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Room: R7