Name: Environmental Science Session 1 of 2

Description: THIS IS AN ALL-DAY SESSION If you select this session, the corresponding AM session will be automatically selected. Study MB pamphlet. Do requirements 3b(1, 2, or 3), 3e(1,2, or 3) & 4(a or b) prior to the class. Start early as requirements are extensive and some take weeks. Read entire booklet. Be prepared to do the remaining requirements (1, 2, 3a1, 3c2, 3d1, 3f1, 5 & 6) in class, we will have the materials. Bring written reports & photos on prerequisites, a dictionary, and your ES MB pamphlet. 3f1 (replaces 3f3) "Look around your home and determine 10 ways your family can reduce pollution. Practice at least two of these methods for seven days and discuss with your counselor what you have learned."

Difficulty: Difficult

Eagle-required: true

Staffed: true

Time Slot: AM

Size: 12

Registered Count: 11

Instructor name: Glenn Rock

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Instructor phone: 408-489 8479

Status: Open

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Room: Y1


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