Name: Camping 2

Description: *** This is NOT a Teaching Class - This badge requires much camping/backpacking experience outside of Midway. *** Step 1: Contact the MB Counselor (TBD) Step 2: Read the MB Book Worksheets for this merit badge can be found at Step 3: Complete the Requirements 1) As with most MBM classes, this is not a teaching class. As an eagle required badge and one that requires 20 nights of camping, this is something they come in with ready to review their work. 2) With this in mind, they need to go to and get the worksheets - to fill out. 3) They need to bring this workbook in completely filled out. In addition, they need a signed and dated note from their SM for the following: 4b-help a Scout or Webelos prepare for a campout; 5e-Present yourself to your SM with your pack for inspection; the last part of 6-Working with another Scout, pitch a tent; the last part of 6e-Make a comfortable ground bed; 8d-Cook meals; all of 9 – a) Camp 20 nights, b) do TWO activities from the MB Book listing, and c) Perform a conservation project. 4) For 6b, they need to bring in one way to treat water and we will review other ways as well. 5) For 7b, they need to bring in their pack with their gear and the patrol gear they would be carrying for a camping trip.

Difficulty: Difficult

Eagle-required: true

Staffed: true

Time Slot: PM

Size: 8

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Instructor name: Roy Yang

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Room: Y4